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Age-appropriate chores for your kids.

Age-appropriate chores for your kids. They may complain, procrastinate, and do a poor job when given chores, but don’t give in, because chores are good for kids. They teach responsibility, the value of hard work, and how to perform simple life skills. Many college-age kids today don’t know how to do their own laundry, load […]

If you can’t do this…you can’t win in life. Period

It’s a bold statement, but it’s true. I’m convinced that despite all of our individual shortcomings, we can still rise up and overcome obstacles. However, there is one thing that is vital to being successful. Before I lay it all out for you…let me ask you a few reflective questions. When you have a bad […]

Understanding the symptoms of and treatment for teenage depression

Understanding the symptoms of and treatment for teenage depression. The most common type of mental disorder among adults, depression is also common among teenagers. During a time of life when teens should be carefree, having fun with friends, and exploring life, many teenagers feel sad, hopeless, and alone. Peer pressure, academic stress, and the anxiety […]

Do these 7 exercises to improve your posture

Do these 7 exercises to improve your posture Proper posture doesn’t just make you look taller and more self-assured. It also reduces low back pain, boosts energy levels, builds lung capacity, improves digestion, and relieves neck and shoulder tension. When you hold your body upright, your spine is in a neutral position and there’s less […]

Six Reasons to Get Off Your Bum

Six reasons why you need to sit less and move more. Sitting while you eat, commute, work, and watch television. If you’re like most people, the majority of your day is spent sitting down. Even if you’re committed to your half-hour workout each day, if you’re sedentary the rest of the day, the health benefits […]

Fitness Jobs in Bryan/College Station

Our two studios are GROWING and we are looking to add a few new teammates to our ROCKSTAR BCS Fitness Staff. DIRECTOR OF FIRST IMPRESSIONS Character Traits: Friendly, welcoming, hospitable, energetic, outgoing, positive, team oriented, hard working, diligent. Compensation/Expectations: Part-time 10-20 hours per week, hourly pay. Not a seasonal position. Descriptions: Create a unique and […]

Creating your “Anti” To Do List

You’ve  probably been told before how important it is to create a weekly “to-do” list. What if I told you that great things can come from making a “to don’t do” list instead? Before your next day or week begins, start by making a “to-don’t do “ list. You might consider things that can drain […]

Ever wondered what goes on when you’re catching Zs?

Ever wondered what goes on when you’re catching Zs? Wonder no more. If you’ve ever missed a night of sleep because stayed up all night or spent the night tossing and turning, you know how important those peaceful hours of shuteye are to you. Without sufficient quality sleep, it becomes difficult to focus, you’re more […]