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CURRENT CLIENTS: Make Up Training Sessions This Week

Here are the absences available for clients that have previously missed a training session. PLEASE EMAIL US AT info@bcsfitness.com to request a make up training session listed below. This list is based on clients who have reported an absence for the upcoming week. As a courtesy to others, please email us at brad@bcsfitness.com if you […]

Quick and Easy after school snack

This week is a HUGE week at the Tillery house. All 5 of our kiddos will be in school. Now, like some of you…we will have kids going to three different school which could lead to some logistical challenges. With lots of change, how are we going to have time to prep a healthy meal […]

The Fitness of Your Skin

My skin is not in terrible shape yet…but I’m starting to be more aware of how to better protect my skin.  How about you? Wish you could slow or reverse skin damage? For the next six weeks, include these six foods on your grocery list to see if you can eat your way to better skin…keep […]

Fall Nutrition Seminar-August 27th at 615pm

“Diets just don’t work” “I have to starve myself to lose any weight” “I’m hungry all the time!” “I lose 10lbs…and then it slowly creeps back on.” “Eating healthy is just too expensive…I’ll never lose weight.”   If you’ve ever been on a diet, you have probably uttered one (or more) of these sentiments. Over […]

Weight Loss for the Baby Boomer and Beyond

How to Kick Start Weight Loss by Patti Willems, M.S WE all seem to have a problem jump starting a healthy eating regiment.  I would like to offer 3 quick and easy concepts for healthy eating habits, which in turn will kick start your weight loss…..    Drink 16 oz. of water BEFORE each meal. […]

10 Day Fit Camp is coming August 26th for only $99

Don’t get me wrong…I love the summertime. Swimming, flip flops, kids being home, trips to the beach…it’s all good and fine. However, I also REALLY enjoy my “normal” time. You know, the months that are fairly routine and allow you to get into a groove…Sept, Oct, Nov, parts of Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar, April, and […]

Date Night Revelations by Brad Tillery

My wife and I had a date night this past Friday and we decided to go out to a nice restaurant. Could have been worse…steak, salad, water, shrimp, and a bit of bread…but could have been better as well. This article in our August magazine get to some of the ends and outs of being […]

Annual Scheduling

Hey Team! For those of you that might have concerns, I wanted to clarify our schedule so that there are not any misunderstandings or any hard feelings at all that you are not receiving the services you are paying for. We don’t want anyone to feel as if we are taking advantage of them. ; […]