Goal Setting Workshops

Creating change in our life is hard. We start with great intentions and slowly struggle to maintain the laundry list of healthy habits we’ve been told we have to follow to be successful (eat organic, drink your water, don’t eat processed foods, get your sleep, reduce your stress, etc.) Discover the practical steps to develop a layered system of habit change that drives the most critical components of long-term success. 

“You Do Have Time!” -The 30 Minute Model  with Fitness and Nutrition Expert Brad Tillery 

The 30-minute training model is a non-traditional approach to maximizing one’s time, energy, and effort for optimum results while reducing injury risk and burnout. Learn more about the formula we use at our fitness facility that has been delivering fantastic results in half the time and how you can implement our approach into your group’s fitness regiment. See how our clients have been losing 5,10, or more pounds per month only exercising 90 minutes total each week. 

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