Premier Results Program

Our “Premier Results Program” admission is reserved for a select handful of South and Central clients who desire the very best accountability and support through their transformation journey.

In addition to coaching (3) days per week with their coach in a personal small group, PRP members also receive…

—(1) private one on one coaching session each month with BCS Fitness Central and South owner and head performance coach Brad Tillery to work on specific fitness initiatives and evaluate month to month physical progress.

–(1) Nutrition coaching session per month with Brad Tillery via ZOOM to work on specific goals and action points as they pertain to your transformation goals.

–Platinum membership access which includes complementary inBody scans, infrared sauna access, access to our ON DEMAND coaching portal with numerous home recovery and workout sessions, Peloton cycling membership, (4) guest passes to your training group each month, and 20% off all supplements and retail $10 or more.

If your application is accepted, you will be billed $299/monthly. You can suspend or downgrade your “Premier Results Program” with a simple 30 day notice.

TEXT “PREMIER” to 979-575-7871 for “Premier Results Program” application.

Monthly Accountability Coaching Group

If you are looking for more professional guidance & community support in your fitness & lifestyle journey…this group is for you.

We meet once a month via ZOOM to go through our monthly “faster results blueprint” & give members the opportunity to ask questions and share tips and tricks that are helping them move the needle in the right direction.

Meetings are typically around an hour in duration and include teaching time around our blueprint of the month as well as group Q&A time. If you only get just 1 or 2 big take aways from each monthly meeting (I’m hopefully you will get more) your time (and money) will be well invested.


Are you ready to start your “HABIT CHANGE PROGRESSION” for the next 14 days?

Please go ahead and select (2) habits to DROP from your weekly routine and (2) habits to ADD to your weekly routine based on your goal and intention.

DROPS (Gaining Energy)

  • Reduce caffeine intake to less than 100mg per day
  • Avoid sitting for more than 20 minutes at a time at work/home
  • No screens 1 hour before bedtime
  • Spend less time with the people who are “energy vampires” in your life
  • Limit sugar intake


  • Get 4-5 servings of fruits/vegetables a day
  • Get 30 minutes of sun a day
  • Sleep 7-8 hours each night
  • Get in a 30 minute workout or recovery session
  • Drink 90 oz a water each day
  • Add daily meditation for 5-10 minutes (Head Space, Abide, Etc apps)
  • Make a “pump me up” playlist of your favorite songs that make you feel great


  • Dine out less (50% less) over the course of the week
  • Cut sugar filled beverages by 50% over the course of the week
  • Large portion sizes at meals
  • Reduce processed food
  • Reduce alcohol consumption by 50%


  • Add 4-5 servings of vegetables a day
  • Drink 90 Oz of water a day
  • Add protein up to 1 gram per pound of ideal body weight
  • Add 30 minutes of extra night sleep to your routine
  • Add a 30 minute walk to your day

The Ultimate Habit Change Guide

No matter where you are in your fitness & wellness journey, this free guide and checklist is for you!

That’s because it outlines a simple process for creating new habits that has very little to do with willpower, discipline, or motivation.

Instead, it’s all about following the path of least resistance.

Basically, that means using the power of your current habits and routines to help build NEW habits and routines. 

This habit-building process works with almost any habit – plus it can be applied to other areas of your life, from your relationships to your finances and career.

Pretty amazing, right?

I’ve got lots more habit-building tips and tricks for you in the coming weeks, so be sure to keep an eye on your inbox!

Bryan/College Station Gyms Re-Opening

💥BCS Fitness South & Central LIVE OPENING DATES💥

Private 1 on 1 Coaching: Monday, May 18th
Personal Small Group Coaching: Tuesday, May 26th


Your health and safety when you walk back through the BCS Fitness doors is 100% our responsibility.

Your trust is precious to us and it’s something we’re not taking lightly…thus why we are delaying our personal small group launch until Tuesday, May 26th and launching only 1:1 coaching on Monday, May 18th.

As we’ve mentioned previously, we’re going to walk slowly through this process, checking every touchpoint to make sure you know we’ve done our due diligence multiple times over before re-launching live in person coaching at our private studios.

Some of the measures we have put in place are…

✅Temperature checks with contactless infrared thermometer before entering (100 degrees or lower.)

✅Personal training pods spaced 8 ft center of mass apart.

✅No equipment sharing: all clients get a custom combination of various strength and conditioning tools and toys specific to their own abilities.

✅ Mandatory use of outdoor hand washing stations with anti-bacteria soap before entering

✅Staff masked up for your safety

✅Full length gloves available

✅ Dehumidifier used to keep studios at 55%-65% humidity to reduce transmission of airborne contaminants.

✅ Air purifiers to help clean the air you breathe

✅Touch-less building entrance and exit so you’ll never need to touch a door

✅30 minutes blocked off between sessions to sanitize all used equipment with professional sanitizing solution and spray equipment.

✅ Professional application of “Microban” disinfectant treatments to ensure the highest level of cleanliness.

✅Hand sanitizer provided in each personal training pod.

✅Outdoor lounge area set up for those that want to socialize after session while practicing social distancing and allowing our “clean team” time to clean facility between sessions.

✅Continued complementary towel service to contain perspiration.

Our #1 priority is to make sure that BCS Fitness Central and BCS Fitness South are the safest world class training environments you can come into and workout in.

If you have more questions, or would like to discuss starting/re-starting your fitness journey and getting back to normal in 1 on 1 personal training or personal small group coaching please give us a call or text at 979-575-7871.

Energetically yours!
Brad Tillery


🔥💪Ready to get serious (again) about your wellness goals … but don’t know where to start?

⭐Good news! It’s absolutely possible to keep a healthy routine even when you’re feeling locked down at home. 🏠

👉My brand-new ebook, the At Home Survival Kit, is designed to help you build a brand new routine you can do from anywhere (plus it’s loaded with lots of other goodies).

✨It’s available FREE right now, as my gift to you: ✨

✅Quick, effective workouts you can do in your living room (even with the kids!)
✅Fast & healthy meals from pantry staples
✅Breathing exercise to help you tame anxiety and stress fast!
✅3-Step process to take your house from “lived in” to “loved”
✅Fun & free games the whole family will love
✅Tips to create your perfect lockdown schedule

💡Taking just a few simple steps in the right direction can help you quickly feel empowered … and move you closer to your goals! 💪

Download here…

Do the Difficult

Do the Difficult by Coach Jared MacDonald

It’s too hard. I am not capable. I can’t. These and many iterations of the same prevent many people from even starting, let alone succeeding, a path toward positive change. That change seeked can be physical, intellectual, professional, etc. They all share the same intimidation factor and once we allow that voice of fear to overwhelm our rational minds we give up and fail to begin. If this something you are struggling with in your own journey I want to encourage to be bigger than the fear. Don’t ignore, overcome it, use it for fuel! Below are six strategic steps to help keep you motivated and strengthen your resolve. Doing the difficult is a lot like physical exercise, the more repetitions you complete, the stronger you become.

  1. Brainstorm: Allow your mind to wander freely and allow yourself to create critical ideas
  2. Plan: Fail to plan, plan to fail and all that. A good plan will help you keep moving forward while trying to complete the difficult. The plan is your guide. Seek wisdom and guidance from trusted sources to help you plan.
  3. Commit: This step is crucial but often overlooked. If you want to succeed you must commit. A lot of times people look for the easy answer or pathway. Sometimes that works, but for the difficult it usually takes you on a long winding journey to nowhere. Share your commitment with someone to help hold you accountable.
  4. Relax: This may seem counterintuitive but it’s an important step and one you may need to come back to repeatedly. Relax your mind, breathe. Most difficult journeys are long and you will need to relax and refocus. If you rely on the initial rush of adrenaline to sustain your efforts you will tire and become overwhelmed. Rely on friends, family, or professionals to help you relax, restore energy, and quiet the mind.
  5. Overcome: Every difficult journey is going to have obstacles, otherwise it would not be difficult. Obstacles are not only in the way, they are the way. Overcome them, don’t try and go around if they are the way. Keep pushing forward. Seek out those who have succeeded in the same or similar situation for suggestions or help on obstacles in your path.
  6. Enjoy: This is a difficult idea but it will help you succeed. Enjoy the process, be flexible in your approach but rigid in your destination. Celebrate small victories. Reflect on how far you have come and don’t dwell on how far you have to go to reach the pinnacle. Share your successes and failures with others.

“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that things are difficult.” Seneca

“All things are difficult before they are easy” Thomas Fuller

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall” Confucious

Corporate Wellness Program Training Appointments

Monday at 530am on ZOOM Small Group (Strength & Conditioning w/ Sally) ZOOM LINK:

Monday at 630am ZOOM Small Group (Strength & Conditioning w/Brad) ZOOM LINK:

Monday at 7:00am on ZOOM Small Group (Strength & Conditioning w/Steph) ZOOM Link:

Monday at 800am on ZOOM (Strength and Conditioning w/Steph) ZOOM LINK:

Monday at 800am on ZOOM (Strength and Conditioning w/Jared) ZOOM LINK:

Monday at 8:30am on ZOOM (Strength and Conditioning w/AJ) ZOOM LINK:

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Tuesday at 530am on ZOOM (Strength and Conditioning w/Jared) ZOOM:

Tuesday at 630am on ZOOM (Strength and Conditioning w/Sally) ZOOM LINK:

Tuesday at 7:00am on ZOOM (Strength and Conditioning w/Jared) ZOOM LINK:

Tuesday at 800am on ZOOM (Strength & Conditioning w/AJ) ZOOM LINK:

Tuesday at 915am on ZOOM (Strength and Conditioning w/ AJ) ZOOM LINK:

Tuesday at 1130am on ZOOM (Strength and Conditioning w/Steph)

Tuesday at 445pm on ZOOM (Strength and Conditioning w/AJ) ZOOM LINK:

Tuesday at 530pm on ZOOM (Strength and Conditioning w/Jori) ZOOM LINK:

Wednesday at 530am on ZOOM (Strength and Conditioning w/AJ) ZOOM LINK:

Wednesday at 630am on ZOOM (Strength and Conditioning w/Brad ZOOM LINK:

Wednesday at 700am ZOOM (Strength and Conditioning w/ Steph) ZOOM Link:

Wednesday at 7:00am on ZOOM (Strength and Conditioning w/AJ) ZOOM LINK:

Wednesday at 800am on ZOOM (“Strength and Conditioning w/Steph) ZOOM LINK:

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Thursday at 800am on ZOOM (Strength and Conditioning w/AJ ZOOM LINK:

Thursday at 445pm on ZOOM (Strength and Conditioning w/AJ) ZOOM LINK:

Thursday at 530pm on ZOOM (Strength and Conditioning w/Sally)

Friday at 530am on ZOOM Small Group (Strength and Conditioning w/Jori) ZOOM LINK:

Friday at 630am on ZOOM Small Group (Fun Friday w/ Brad) ZOOM LINK:

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