Is your life too busy?

Hands down, one of the hardest jobs out there is being a parent. What can be even harder is walking the fine line between giving your children opportunities and over committing them.

Check out this article in our latest online magazine and see if any of the 5 warning signs apply to you (I know I recognized a few!) Keep reading…

Need More Accountability?

How Much Should I Weigh?

Ever wanted to lose weight, but never really considered what a good goal might be? What if there was a better to evaluate your progress? Keep reading…

The Mood-Food Connection


While you may not be able to control the circumstances that trigger your emotional eating (the death of a loved one, relationship conflicts, or stress at work), the good news is that there are steps you can take to control your reaction to those triggers. Here are a few practical ways to stop emotional eating and stay on track with your weight loss goals. Keep reading…

3 Great Home Ab Exercises by Brad Tillery

Do you need a few quick and easy exercises to do at home to create a more flat and toned midsection? If so…check out our most recent video here!

What’s for dinner tonight? (Easy Garlic Chicken)

Hey Everybody!

The weekend is a time to relax and enjoy time with family and friends…not spending HOURS in the kitchen right? I’ve got a great recipe for you that will add a little variety to the ol’ chicken breast that, although a great protein source, can get a little boring. Keep reading…


10 Day Fit Camp-Starts Wednesday, August 26th

CURRENT CLIENTS: Make Up Training Sessions This Week

thebuild session (2)

Here are the absences available for clients that have previously missed a training session. PLEASE EMAIL US AT to request a make up training session listed below. This list is based on clients who have reported an absence for the upcoming week. As a courtesy to others, please email us at if you know that you will be missing a training session.

Make-up training sessions are available on a first come, first serve basis. All workouts will begin 5 minutes before scheduled time to allow for dynamic warm up.


Monday:  615am,  830am, 900am, 445p, 615pm

Tuesday:     615am, 830am, 445p, 530pm

Wednesday:  615a, 700am, 830am,  615pm

Thursday:    615am,  445pm. 530p, 615pm

Friday:   615a, 700am, 830am, 9:00am





Quick and Easy after school snack

This week is a HUGE week at the Tillery house. All 5 of our kiddos will be in school. Now, like some of you…we will have kids going to three different school which could lead to some logistical challenges.

With lots of change, how are we going to have time to prep a healthy meal and snacks? Keep reading…


The Fitness of Your Skin

My skin is not in terrible shape yet…but I’m starting to be more aware of how to better protect my skin.  How about you? Wish you could slow or reverse skin damage? For the next six weeks, include these six foods on your grocery list to see if you can eat your way to better skin…keep reading