1.What is Personal Small Group Training?

Our personal small group training experiences are individualized indoor training modules designed to help you get and stay fit, eat healthy, and increase your strength and overall conditioning. It combines expert support from a certified performance coaches with the camaraderie of other folks who share your desire for lasting results. The goal is to see improvements in body weight, body composition, strength and endurance over 30,60, 90 day period or more. These sessions are not “classes”, “boot camps”, or large group training. Every workout is customized to the individual and is limited to just 3-4 other participants with a coach.

2.How much are your training experiences?

We have several different private and personal small group training experiences that we can customize to fit your lifestyle, goals, and budget. Give us a call (979-575-7871) or email us  to discuss the perfect personal training experience for you. Our personal small group training experiences start $139 per month.

Small group personal training

2 sessions per week: $139 per month

3 sessions per week: $159 per month

*access to open gym hours: FREE

*nutrition support: FREE

*(2) free InBody Scans ($50 value)

Private Personal Training

2 session per week: $399 per month

3 session per week: $499 per month

3.What are the training experiences like?

Training experiences will take place indoors in our progressive fitness studio, balancing conditioning, functional and strength training.The program stresses making small steps of progress each week through individual workouts. Each person completes their own personalized training experience. You’ll be challenged more each week as your individual experience changes. Your coach will be there the entire time to provide support, professional guidance, motivation and assurance that you’re on the right track to achieving your fitness goal.

4.What happens if I can’t make a workout?

No Worries. We will provide you with a full body workout to complete on your own and you won’t fall behind. There will also be make-up opportunities throughout your training program.

5.What sort of results should I expect?

Obviously, results will vary by individual. Most folks in our community notice small changes, such as their clothing being looser, in just 2 weeks. The typical weight loss range within a 12 program is 5-35lbs of fat loss depending on the individuals work ethic and nutrition habits.

6.Will I have fun?

YES! It’s a challenge, but our training experiences are designed to be something you’ll look forward to coming to. With the camaraderie of a small group, you’ll have a great time working out and learning alongside others who want what you want — support, motivation and challenge.

7.What is the 30 Min Training Model?

What is the #1 stressor or road block standing in the way of most people achieving their goal? TIME. That’s why we created our 30 minute personal training model as the next evolution in semi-private personal training. These strategically crafted training experiences are designed to give you the same results many would achieve in 45 min-60 mins of training. For more specific information or to see if this group would be a good fit for you, please call 979-575-7871.

8.Is our training like a Boot Camp or Crossfit?

No… our workouts are not a Boot Camp or Crossfit. Our 30 min semi-private programs are individualized indoor training experiences that takes place in our boutique gym. Each community member has their own workout scaled to their individual goals, abilities, and interest. Boot Camps and Crossfit style workouts work to build you to the workout…we build the workout to you!

9. When do new training programs start up? 

We have entry points for new clients every week. Call us at 979-575-7871 to reserve your spot.

10. Do you offer any other training experiences besides semi private and private training?

Yes, we do offer private personal training experiences and speciality fitness clinics and camps in addition to the semi-private training experiences. Session rates vary based on the duration and content of the session. Please call us at 979-575-7871 for current info.

11. I already belong to a “dues based” gym…why should I join BCS Fitness?

Are you using your current gym membership? Do you look forward to going to your current gym? When you don’t show up, does anyone call or text you and ask you why you did not make it in? We offer accountability that you just can’t get from your current “dues based” gym.

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