Careers at BCS Fitness

  • Certified Personal Trainer/Certified Strength Coach
  • Marketing/Sales/Social Media
  • Administration
  • Photography/Video

**Part time and Full time positions available.

Are you looking for a position in personal training & fitness in College Station or Bryan?

If so…please continue reading! 

First of all, thanks for taking the time to visit our website and investigate whether, or not, this is a great fit for you. 

Let’s start by us telling you a little bit about our team and our leadership.

BCS Fitness is owned and operated by myself (Brad Tillery) and my wife (Kara Tillery.) We have 5 beautiful children ages 8 to 16 and have been married for almost 19 years!  

Since opening  the business in 2003, our business has been educating, motivating and inspiring our clients to become the BEST versions of themselves possible through our fitness and lifestyle coaching programs. We currently serve over 300 amazing clients between our two locations at Texas Ave and Barron Road. 

We have developed a track record for being one the of the best fitness companies not only in the area…but in the country. In addition to our staff’s individual accolades… we’ve been featured in Men’s Health, TLC network, and have won numerous awards for being the TOP fitness studio in the Brazos Valley. 

Beyond our two brick and mortar studios, we also offer virtual on demand and live coaching that is currently growing well.

We’ve had tremendous growth in our business and we expect lots of continued growth moving forward. It’s our goal to help hundreds of Bryan/College Station area residents look, feel and perform their best. To do this, we need a strong team, which includes more SOLID Performance Coaches who are committed to helping our clients be successful. To put it bluntly… we need “rock star” coaches (you need to bring the best out of people) who love working with people as well as can lead and coach small groups. 

As for certifications and previous experience…

You don’t need to be a 25-year veteran coach or have an alphabet soup of letters after your name to do a great job for us! If you are a self-motivated person who loves people and loves to learn about fitness and all things training…we can help develop your coaching skills to become an awesome coach. 

Do you have to be certified? If you aspire to be with our team for a long while and grow, a nationally recognized certification (A.C.E, NSCA, NASM, etc)  is needed and required. Yes…it helps if you are already a certified personal trainer or performance coach… but we’ve helped the right individuals (without certification) with the right tools, training and systems to be great coaches.  

You don’t have to be certified to go through the hiring process if we feel you have all the tangibles needed to grow into a “rock star” coach. 

We can’t fix personality…you need to be great with people, especially with small groups since the majority of what  we do is in small group settings. If you are not confident leading and coaching a group of people through a 30 minute session then this position may not be right for you. There are a lot of great one-on-one coaches out there that do not have what it takes to be great at coaching in a small group environment of 4-5 people.  

When would I need to be available? BCS Fitness operates Monday-Friday 515am to 645pm and Saturday mornings 7am-10am. Our needs vary seasonally…but we do ask that you be able to work early mornings or shifts after 4pm. 

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for  positive, hard working, enthusiastic, motivated and energetic people who do well leading in small group environments to join the BCS Fitness team.

If you are applying for a part time position and selected after an interview process, you will go through our 30 day internship.  This is your chance to evaluate how you enjoy working with us and it gives us a chance to see if you will be a perfect fit for our clients. 



You will be compensated fairly, treated fairly and we will certainly look for ways to increase your compensation the more your efforts warrant it. We are looking for coaches who enjoy working with people and making a difference in the lives of others. If you do not have a passion for fitness and do not like helping people, this is NOT the job for you.

Tasks You Will Be Expected To Perform

  • Yes, people KNOW when you are passionate about something. We are looking for people that WANT to be a Performance Coach at BCS Fitness because they ENJOY it…not because of the money. If you are not passionate about helping others achieve their health and fitness goals, this will NOT be the job for you.
  • Be a natural leader and confident leading a group of people through a fitness program. 80%-90% of our coaching is in a small group setting which means that you are leading individuals of various fitness levels and various personalities. We are looking for people that have certain skill sets to be able to lead in a small group fitness session. If you are not sure you can do this, it may not be the position you would want.

NOTE: As mentioned in earlier, if you are selected there is a 30-60 day training process so you will not be expected to jump right in and lead one of our group personal training sessions. Our clients come FIRST so we have a process in place for bringing on potential team members to our staff. We just want to make sure you know what is expected if/when we both feel you are ready. In a perfect world…you should know if you fit the qualities above or not. 

How To Apply

We’re looking to hire the RIGHT people for the services we offer. If this position sounds like the PERFECT FIT for you, simply email your cover letter and resume to us at….

BCS Fitness

Brad Tillery 

P.S. – This is NOT a corporate job. We are entrepreneurial small business owners. This is not the type of job where just showing up is enough. You have to be highly engaged and truly care about the people you are serving.

We want nothing more than to find GREAT coaches who take real interest in doing GREAT work to make a GREAT impact on peoples’ lives.

With all that said… enthusiasm and a positive attitude go long way in our  book. As long as you have the basic skills we outlined above and a great attitude, you’re definitely a candidate!

P.P.S. – Time is of the essence here. We’re preparing for more growth in the next few months and want to get our new coaches in place prior to that – If you are truly interested, APPLY NOW!