Personal Small Group Training.

Maximum 1 to 5 client to coach ratio in custom training program to maximize your time and results.

“Looking for Small Group Personal Training in Bryan or College Station?”

Customized 30 Minute Fitness & Lifestyle Coaching

A dedicated team of expert fitness professionals and coaches evaluate each client’s fitness level, needs and goals and create a specialized, holistic program to assist them in reaching those fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle goals. Each program is designed specifically for the goals of the individual client, from desk jockey/weekend warriors to professional athletes. And since you’ll never do the same workout twice…you’ll never be bored with your training program.

Effective and Efficient Training Programs

All of our personal training program contain complementary integrated nutritional support and meal planning to help give our clients extra help in reaching their fitness goal, whether that is to lose weight, build muscle or increase energy.

Check out our community on facebook. You will find out quickly that our community is made up of men and women much like yourself. If you would like to be apart of the BCS Fitness community please contact us at 979-575-7871 and let us assist you in living life to the fullest

Is 30 Minutes Enough Time?

It’s easy to mistake movement for achievement and length of time for quality, we’ve all done it. Most 60-minute training sessions are not only hard to fit into your schedule…but could be leaving you tired and lacking results. By focusing on vital movement patterns, adding the right intensity and rest, our clients are able to achieve more in 30 minutes than 60.