Personal Small Group Training

Completely Customized Training Experience in LESS Time!

Why waste your valuable time in a large impersonal class? Why guess on what you should be doing in your fitness and nutrition?

  • Customized 30 Minute Fitness & Lifestyle Coaching.
  • Nutrition and Mindset Coaching included.
  • 1:1 Clarity sessions included.
  • Accountability & Community.
  • 1:5 Ratio of coach to client.
  • Effective and Efficient Training Programs

A dedicated team of fitness professionals evaluate each client’s fitness level, goals, and create a customized program that can then help you in reaching those fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle goals. From desk jockey/weekend warriors to professional athletes. And since you’ll never do the same workout twice…you’ll never be bored with your training program!

So whatever your goal is, the BCS Fitness coaching team can help you get there with the motivation and expertise they have built their strong reputation on over the last 16 years.


Personal Training Small Group-1:5 ratio: $159-$189/monthly, no contract